Must-Have Items for a Day at the Pond

Summer days are filled with trips to the beach and long blissful days in the sun. But as the season starts to wind down and fall starts to near, not everyone is ready to give up that fun in the water. Finding a local pond can be a great way to extend those beach-like days with a different twist. Although it might not always be warm enough for swimming, there are lots of ways to have fun at the pond with your kids if you have the right supplies.

Finding the right food for camping can be tricky. The ideal recipe really depends on how much space you have to store food and if you’ll have access to a refrigerator or a cooler with ice.

You’ll want to do some food prep beforehand—chopping vegetables, preparing and storing salads in storage containers or mixing marinades for meats—so they’ll be ready to use when needed. Since my kids are always hungry and always on the go, I like to make easy, portable snacks ahead of time, too.

No matter what you prep or plan for meals, it’s guaranteed to be delicious, because everything is better when you’re camping.

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